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Dec 4, 2012 8:00pm EST
quote him by my mentor, jack kemp. jimmy, your family, and you for caring on the torch. quick you close your eyes, you think you are listening to -- if you close your eyes, you think you are listening to jack kemp. it is something that is really a great honor to do this, to be here. back in this room like last year, and i want to say congratulations to marco rubio on receiving this well deserved honor. [applause] now, as you may know, marco is joining an elite group of past recipients for this award. [laughter] two of us so far. i will see you at the reunion dinner. [applause] [laughter] i am sure the press will not read too much into that one. [laughter] i want to thank you all for your kind hospitality. i want to thank you, jimmy, for holding this event. wherever i went, people would say, i work for jack kemp. that legacy lives on some much because of the connection to the family. there was something this legacy .as such reach hi it is an honor to be a part of this an. jack kemp was my mentor. knowing jack kemp was one of the greatest experiences of my life. i was lucky to work with him. i
Dec 9, 2012 6:30pm EST
paul ryan. congressman ryan received the 2011 jack kemp leadership award and this evening they honor marco rubio. this is under a half hour. >> good evening. i have the distinct pleasure of introducing our keynote speaker. i am the president of the center for enterprise. and a jack kemp groupie. jack kemp worked with me for five years to help residents in public housing. there was a conference. bill observed, when liberals see poor people, they see a sea of victims. conservatives see poor people and see a sea of aliens. jack kemp and paul ryan are the exceptions. toward the end of the campaign, paul's staff called me and said, paul really wants to talk out on an anti-poverty agenda. could you organize an event in ohio that would bring the leaders from around the state who have experience transforming not only lives but also revitalizing neighborhoods. i identified 20 people and sent him to hit -- send them to his staff. they had to be vetted and secret service looked over the list of names. i got this call from paul's staff that says, three other people -- three people out of t
Dec 31, 2012 12:00am PST
! jack, am i going to die here? oh, my god, what's this? tonight, the one and only jack hanna and a few of his closest friends. >> he deficates on his legs to keep him cool. >> you know what, too much information. >> if he bites you, it won't hurt bad. this is the only animal in the world to carry leprosy. i'm not joking. >> now you tell me! never quite know what will happen next when jack hanna's in the house. he's got my notes. >> i'm sorry, that your notes? >> this is a very dangerous edition of "piers morgan tonight." good evening and welcome to a special "piers morgan tonight." as you can see, the studio looks a little different tonight. trust me, several of my guests that will be here over the course of the hour, cheetahs, foxes, owls, cuomo doe dragons and these. i'm here with jack hanna where anything can happen. also the host of jack hanna's into the wild and a new show called wild countdown and his tigers are literally eating my studio. so we better get on with it. welcome. jack, am i going to die here? >> no. you shouldn't die, but if you were going to die, these are the anim
Dec 18, 2012 5:35am PST
difícil, dolientes han estado trayendo flores y velas >>jack pinto y noa posner, el niño más joven que fue asesinado. >>lacomunidad empieza a despedir a sus muertos, los compañeros de jack pinto le dieron en esta funeraria el último adios >>no hay palabras para describirlo, no puedoa. >>no pensamos que algo así podría suceder aquí en connecticut, no hay palabras para expresar la pena y el dolor >>el niño solo tenia 6 años, era fanatico de gigantes de nueva york, víctor cruz escribió el nombre de pinto en sus zapatos y prometio dejarlo ahí durante toda la temporada el mensaje que les envio a los padre fue que trataran de manternerlse unidos y fuertes. >>un dolor fuerte empezandon por los padres y el impacto para la comunidad. >>es difícil, es duro. >>también se dio sepultura a nos pos tner, un niño que apenas había cumplido 6 años su hermana gemela por fortuna se salvo del tiroteo porque estaba en otra clases. >>a raiz de todo lo ocurrido padres reclaman mayor seguridad en los planteles para no revivir escenas como estas >>adolorido, apenado, donde está la seguridad para
Dec 27, 2012 4:30pm PST
talk about the phones and the phone jacks, but i think that it's really important to take into consideration there's already very limited mail delivery in these buildings and that a telephone, a low-cost telephone, is a key life line for communication for tenants who are often times isolated. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners, good morning, president mccarthy, my name is antonio naubl naul (inaudible) and i'm a resident of san francisco since 1997. i was invited by josh, doing an outstanding job for the community, for the mission. i am here in support of grab bar and phone jack. i have phone jack in my bedroom even though i live in one of the crappiest hotels in san francisco, the mission hotel. of 151 respondents, about 72 of them surveyed did not have grab bars in their common toilet and bathing facilities. i think from safety standpoint, safety can be improved for seniors by installing grab bars by toilets and showers. the cost of installation, it is my understanding is probably lower than the permit itself so it will have a huge impact on safety for
Dec 9, 2012 1:30am EST
much taller in your book jacket photos. [laughter] my boy jack came home from prep school yesterday, that thrill for me. it was devastating when he went away. where have you been my blue-eyed son? what i want to talk about today something close to my heart, which is the power of stories in the way stories can affect the world, the way stories can change things for the better. in just the power of what can happen. a writer friend of mine was walking on burke avenue in new york city and he passed a blind man who was assigned the good please help me i'm blind. my friend is kind of walked by them and, but then he stopped and he saw this guy only had a couple coins in his hat was so he dropped in a couple of quarters and then he asked the man permission to just change the story a little bit for this guy, which he did and later in the afternoon he came back and pass the guy again and the hut was full of coins of those and he stopped and talked to the guy in a blind man admitted have never had a day quite like this. you have to tell me what she wrote. how did you change my story? and my fr
Dec 26, 2012 9:00pm PST
to a jungle. whoa, whoa! am i going to die here. my god, what's this? tonight the one and only jack hanna and a few of his closest friends. >> he defecates on his legs to keep them cool. >> too much information. >> hold on to the animals for now. >> this is the only animal in the world that carries leprosy. >> now you tell me. you don't know what will happen next when jack hanna is in the house. he's got my notes. this is a very dangerous edition of piers morgan tonight. good evening. welcome to a special piers morgan tonight. the stud yes looks different tonight an so will my guests that will be here over the course of the hour, we are talking cheetahs, komodo dragons and friendly tigers. jack hanna where anything can happen. the columbus zoo and aquarium and the host of the emmy-winning jack hanna's in to the wild and the his animals are literally eating my studio. jack, welcome. jack, am i going to die here. >> no, you shouldn't die but if you were going to die these are the animals that would do it. >> these are siberian tigers. >> what age can they kill a man. >> at 22 months t
Dec 28, 2012 11:35pm EST
20 seconds. honestly, mine's worse. >> jack of spades. jack of clubs? >> nope. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and i'm done at two. it is all the more humiliating because the guy sitting next to me can memorize the order of an entire deck of cards in 63 seconds. just one of the skills that makes nelson the reigning national memory champion. and here's the most amazing part. there is nothing extraordinary about his brain. >> ten of clubs. ace of spades. six of diamonds. >> reporter: do you have a photographic memory naturally? >> no. my memory is just average. >> reporter: it all began when his grandmother got alzheimer's and then he got scared. >> i was really kind of concerned for myself and what that might mean for me in the future. >> reporter: so in searching for mental drills on the internet, he stumbled into the world of memory competition. >> mental athletes, you may begin. >> reporter: and realized that all these elite mental athletes are also ordinary people with ordinary brains but they have all learned an ancient but amazingly simple technique. once you have it down,
Dec 25, 2012 10:00pm EST
i am the all-american boy. i am jack armstrong and a boston banker and i am here to rescue this industry from the people that are over. he said i am not a jewish person. he said that probably. and he needs lots and lots of content. he became the boy wonder of hollywood. hollywood was scared to death that towns would be of the ability to put censorship on moving pictures. why? because there is something corrupt about being controlled by east european jewish people. he was not an east european jew. he made his fortune in hollywood he made his fortune because he knew how the world worked, and you have a stock market worked, and he knew every studio that wanted to hire him had to pay him and stock options. he took those stock options and held onto them. he manipulated them, and he drove them down and up and down and up. up into the stratosphere. when he left hollywood after a couple of years, he had filled his dream of making money so that he could leave every one of his children -- his nine children in million dollar trust fund so that they would not have the problems that he had h
Dec 18, 2012 4:00am EST
rest. the first two funerals were held monday when 6-year-olds noah posner and jack pinto were remembered. >> you shouldn't be at a 6-year-old's funeral. i mean, it's -- this is a devastating event, and it's heartbreaking as it is. it just keeps getting more heartbreaking. >> reporter: noah pozner was described as smart, care, and rambunctious. jack pintd oh loved the new york giants. he was buried in the jersey of his favorite player, wide receiver victor cruz. >> there were stories about jack being in heaven, tossing footballs at the angs and knocking halos -- angels and knocking halos off of their head. everyone got a chuckle. >> reporter: there will be 11 funerals between now and christmas. newtown school officials have set up grief counselors for students still dealing with the tragedy. tarle? >> good to see you. thank you very much. >>> the grim task of telling the parents of 20 young children they would never see their son or daughter again fell to connecticut's governor, dannel malloy. the parents were brought to the town fire house. yesterday an emotional malloy said h
Dec 2, 2012 1:30pm PST
bathrooms. that is one thing we want to work on, and working phone jack along with affordable telephone service. working phone jacks are required by state law; a residential hotel, tourist hotel is required to have that. pretend that i did not say that. in sros, every room is required have a working phone jack. people are dealing with a lot of isolation. i mentioned people with disabilities who may be in the room where it is hard to get out. the staircase to be rickety. the elevator may be broken. there's a myriad of problems where people can be stranded in the room. phone jacks are one way that people can connect with the outside world. even if they're not physically stranded, to be able to call a friend, to connect with the neighbors, to set up a doctors appointment, critical for seniors and people with disabilities. for everyone to have a working phone jack. they are not being enforced. there issues with the department of building enforcement. we have recently introduced into the board of supervisors legislation that requires working phone jacks and grab bars in sros. supervisor marr
Dec 18, 2012 4:30am EST
reminder that things will not be the same. we saw yesterday the two funerals of jack pinto and noah pozner. one of the viewings will be for that teacher vicki soto who died trying to shield her students from the gunfire. sandy hook, their schools are definitely locked down as part of that investigation that investigators say acould be months' worth of work. pour them, when they will return to work is indefinitely on hold. >>> it may be surprising to some, but in the wake of friday's devastating shooting rampage, gun sales have surged. . nancy pelosi called for that. >> the voices of reasons cannot be silent. through administrative action we must limit the proliferation of automatic weapon that have no purpose other than to kill citizens. >> the newtown tragedy could be a tipping point for some pro-gun lawmakers. >> reporter: the numbers are striking, 8,500 people died each year in gun violence. since columbine, more than 30 mass murders. the latest is chilling. >> shame on nra. >> reporter: as protesters gathered outside of washington, the nra declined to comment on the debate. but
Dec 27, 2012 4:00pm PST
housing condition the failure to provide a usable telephone jack and telephone wiring as required by the california civil code and, 4, making environmental findings, legislative findings and findings pursuant to california health and safety code section 17958.5. >> good morning, commissioners, good to see you all, nick pagalato on behalf of commissioner mar. >> in 2001 commissioner mar called for a hearing on issues affecting our most vulnerable residents. because this sector of our community is growing not just city-wide but specifically in residential hotels we thought it was timely to try to address some of the challenges that these residents face. we have been working very closely with a group of stake holders, particularly sro activists, the mission sro collaborative, the city sro collaborative, sro families united and the senior action network. they came together and produced a report in 2011 that outlined many of the issues that both seniors and people with disabilities are facing in residential hotels. it was presented to us in this hearing and along with a report, they produced
Dec 27, 2012 12:00am PST
? tonight jack hannah and a few of his friend. >> he defecates on his legs to keep him cool. >> you know what, you won't believe this. this is the only animal that carries lepracy >> now you tell me. >> what will happen next? he has my notes. i'm sorry. this is a dangerous edition of piers morgan tonight. >> good evening. the studio looks different tonight. my guest will be here over the course of the hour. these are siberian tigers. >> at what age can they kill a man. >> these animals weigh over 600 pounds. they could go to a zoo in europe or australia to keep them fresh. the thing is that these animals are are so rare we have to know what the greeding program would be. >> that is a good question, if i find myself afraid or scared these guys know the animal very well. if they lick you, it is like sandpaper. >> these are like two of the last remaining tigers. >> are remember something, when a tiger like this takes down a water buffalo in less than ten seconds, they are the only cats in the world, they can eat up to 30 or 40 pounds in one sitting. i can tell you that, they may be small, b
Dec 6, 2012 5:30pm EST
mother of 18-year-old jack mccarthy. it revolves around christmas sweaters so tacky, some people find them beautiful. jack mccarthy has made a ton of money. >> we sold it on ebay for $50. >> reporter: inspired by the revelation, jack built his stockpile at every flee market, thrift store across different states. they sell for $12 to $50 a piece. >> the more colorful, the more action, the more eye popping. that's hour definition of ugly. >> reporter: he's shipping out sweaters at a pace of 40 a day. >> there were moments, i suppose i was concerned there was more stock than we would get rid of and i would never get my basement back. >> reporter: maybe you won't. jack graduates from high school in a few months and you can't do this in a dorm. >> for all you ladies we've been talking about on facebook, now you know where to get rid of all those ugly christmas sweaters. >>> normally they risk their lives running into burning buildings. >> how some firefighters are saving lives in a very different way.
Dec 24, 2012 7:00am PST
. at least three homes and one vehicle is burning. >>> joining me is jack jacobs and author of "basic surviving boot camp and basic training. colonel jack, we have sat across from each other on this. >>> what do you know about this? is this just part of what we will see for some time? >> one we leave, bring the majority of troops home, we can expect to see more of this, i'm afraid. the last time this happened, the afghan government said they would do a much better job of vetting the people who were being trained, but of course at the end of the day we rely on the afghan government to vet these people. >>> we remember sees those videos, often commented by analysts how poor the capability of their forces were. are we better off than a year ago in terms of their capabilities? >> they are better. keeping areas secured and all the rest of that stuff. the real weak liven is still the police, the national police are not nearly as well trained as the national army is. i think that's going to continue. there's no way we can have as many trainers as we need and to have the focus of the national
Dec 1, 2012 12:00am PST
come to later, a very traumatic year already in many ways with jack and other things. how did you feel when you got this back and thought here we go again? >> i couldn't see myself going through chemo again. that was really -- it's not the operation for it, it's not any of that. it's the chemo that really gets you and i just thought i don't want to do it and if i can avoid it, then i will, and i don't want to keep going to be tested every six months, to have a mammogram. and i had implants in, anyway, so i had really big -- >> i remember. >> yeah. oh, i flashed you. that's right. >> you may remember i woke up on the "america's got talent" private plane flying from chicago to los angeles to find your naked breasts in all their glory right in my face. >> yes. >> being photographed by nick cannon and howie mandel. not the way i like to wake up. >> well, i thought it was a nice way to wake you up and say put your seat belt on, piers, we're landing. but anyway, nick's still got the pictures, by the way. >> i know he does. >> anyway, i had, you know, those fun bags as ozzie calls them,
Dec 18, 2012 9:00pm CST
mom would love this, huh? jack? jaaack? jaaack?! jack?! looks good ladies! jack! come on, stop the car. jack! no, no, no, no, no! the only thing more surprising than finding the perfect gifts.. niice. where you find them. how did you know? i had a little help. this is how to gift. this is sears. >> giving him the triple double for the night robinson in the meantime... the bulls win 189 they are now 14 and 10. i thought we showed a lot of toughness i thought we played really hard last week even on a day off some bad news for the bears. out for the year because of a rib injury. college football now the huskies took their practice indoors he took some heat from espn kirk humphrey for squeezing into the pitcher but the fallout is just about over. we plan on having a good time but also going out there and playing football games as one of the best in the country. pat fitzgerald is getting his northwestern wildcats ready. they have not won a postseason game since 1949. i have been to four ball games we haven't won a single one and that's the only objective. to spend so many years of nob
Dec 17, 2012 5:30pm PST
who'd been looking forward to a buddy's birthday party on saturday. six-year-old jack pinto was described as all boy at his funeral. a huge new york giants' fan whose favorite player, victor cruz, played yesterday with jack's name on his gloves and cleats. jerry rhine holtz was at the funeral. >> the people that spoke, there were little stories about jack being in heaven tossing footballs at the angels and githinging their halos off of their head and everyone got a chuckle out of that. >> reporter: the one funeral home in newtown will hold 11 dunerals between now and christmas. funeral director shauna molloy she from a neighboring town to help out at jack pinto's funeral. did the kids seem to understand what was going on? >> i think some do. you know, i don't know that they can fully-- i mean, they're so little. unfortunately they probably understand more than they should. >> reporter: investigators hoping to understand exactly y ht happened at sandy hook elementary school now hope to learn more from two staff members who were wounded last biday but are recovering. lieutenant pa
Dec 17, 2012 2:00am PST
kinds of tragedies. today, newtown will begin burying its dead. funerals for jack pinto, and noah pozner. >> we'll get to know more about ana marquez-green. she is a little girl who liked to sing while her brother played the piano. we'll bring the latest on the suspected shooter. how police say he got into the school. and why he may have been targeting it. >>> and also, an exclusive, heartbreaking, wrenching interview, with the sandy hook principal, dawn hochsprung. what her daughters want you to know about their mother. >> funeral services this afternoon for the two, beautiful little boys. jack pinto, just 6 years old, and noah pozner, just turned 6 last month. this close-knit community is beginning to say good-bye. >> absolutely. this grief-stricken community now has the heartbreaking task of laying their loved ones to rest. last night, president obama spoke to residents here in newtown, to offer words of comfort. offer condolences from an entire nation. saying tragedies like these must end. >> as a community, you've inspired us, newtown. in the face of indescribable violence, i
Dec 18, 2012 11:00am PST
." i'm here with jennifer greenwood set director and tina fey. we are in jack's home right now. what kind of person would live in jack's space? >> well, he's very upper east side. >> so i'm noticing there are a lot of horses and a lot of busts. >> well, jack does believe there are only a few things that are acceptable to be the subject of art. horses, ships with sails, and men with swords standing on cliffs. >> the easiest way to create a feeling for a room is paint color. what have you chosen for his room here? >> well, it's a very rich blue. it's almost like his own little world. that's an easy way to change the tone of a room. >> okay. so how about we go to liz's apartment? >> perfect. >> let's go. >> welcome to my house, you guys. >> tell me about this apartment. >> i wanted it to feel a little bit random and yet pleasing to look at. >> and are any of these your records? >> i wish. i wish barry manilo was mine. >> there's some good ones here. >> yes. south of the border. correct. >> this is the whole that jane's character kicked into my wall. >> who's going to be my maid of honor
Dec 10, 2012 4:00am PST
, huh? jack? jaaack? jaaack?! jack?! looks good ladies! jack! come on, stop the car. jack! no, no, no, no, no! the only thing more surprising than finding the perfect gifts.. niice. where you find them. how did you know? i had a little help. this is how to gift. this is sears. it'and start talking aboutt whawhat you really wanthroom. from your toilet paper. it's time to talk about clean. feeling clean is so important. i use quilted northern. quilted northern soft and strong is stronger than the leading value brand, for a confident clean. >>> rescuers in the philippines are searching for typhoon survivors and there are tons of falling trees and boulders. more than 600 people are dead and 4,000 homeless after flash flooding wiped out full communities. nearly 900 are still missing this morning. >>> "cbs moneywatch" time now on a monday. a stern warning from the head of the ims, and bond is on top again. ashley morrison here in new york with more. good morning, ashley. >> good morning, terrell. news of rising factory output growth in china. tokyo's nikkei added a fraction while hong
Dec 17, 2012 4:00am PST
for the victims. two little boys, jack pinto and noah pozner will be remembered. >> president obama spoke of their loss and the others at a vigil last night. saying we, as a nation, cannot tolerate this kind of violence anymore. we're learning new details about the shooter himself, adam lanza, and how he managed to carry out his deadly massacre. we begin with coverage from abc's tahman bradley. >> he joins us live from newtown where the grieving will take a more private turn later today. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: sunny and rob, good morning to you. today is going to be another tough day for this heartbroken community. funerals will begin today and tomorrow. for some of the victims. and last night's prayer vigil, visited by president obama, is something that this community and the country will not soon forget. >> olivia. josephine. >> reporter: the more than 900 mourners who packed newtown high school heard an emotional president obama admit the country has failed them. >> since i have been president this is the fourth time we have come together to comfort a grieving communi
Dec 29, 2012 6:30am PST
ulta capital management, jack otter, editor and author of "worth it, not worth it" and walter upgrade, editor for cnn. >>> figure how much money in stocks, how much in bonds largely determined how for a until you retire. the faurter you go the more in stocks. then stick to it. don't get swayed by gloom or euphoria. this year, per effect example. people scared, didn't invest much in stocks and a good year. s&p up about 16% year to date. bonds rose. diversified portfolio 4%. can't outguess them. don't try. >> make a strategy and stick with it. many viewers may be in the same spot. what one investor is worried about. lyn. >> i should have been very aggressive, but i played very conservative, and so how do you play catch-up? >> what's the best catch-up strategy? >> that is a very dangerous question. it's a very common question, and understandable, but the problem is, we all tend to make our decisions based on whatever has just happened. so this woman probably got scared in the financial crisis. her stocks plummeted and then she sold them and went conservative. now, of course, stocks doubl
Dec 18, 2012 8:00pm EST
friends. we told you last night about 6-year-old jack pinto who was burred yesterday. at the funeral, a note from his friend john reads, jack, you are my best friend. we had fun together. i will miss you. i will talk to you in my prayers. i love you, jack. love, john." there were two more funerals for two more 6-year-old children. jessica rekos and james mattioli were laid to rest today. we will remember them and tonight we honor them. our hearts and thoughts are with their families and their friends. and we wish peace and strength for all the people whose lives jessica and james touched in just six short years. james mattioli was known as jay. just 6 years old, had was full of energy. he loved baseball, basketball, arm wrestling but he especially loved swimming. his parentses used to say he swam like a fish. and loved to visit his grandparents. james also learned to ride his bike. he loved to use hair gel in order to spike up his brown hair. he was a little boy who looked forward to growing up. he liked to sing at the top of his lungs and would ask how old do i have to be before i can
Dec 22, 2012 11:00pm PST
prometedora, anotacion de paul gasol y los gbuerreros con jack fuera del arco, con el jumper y adentro, ganaron en tiempo de prorogra. >> y los alcoholnes enfrentan a los leones, white acelera a fondo, mat ryan acierta de 25 a 32 pases, excelente la atrapada de julius jones, rompe la marca y lograba la azaña pero atlanta logra la victoria 21 a 18. >> y el biesbol esta de luto después de la muerte de ryan field que se suicido a los 31 años de edad, y los marineros contratan a raul ibañez y corey ross firma con arizona. >> tigres y pumas igualaron a 2 en el volcan. >> y nos dicen como disfrutar de la navidad al mismo tiempo que cuidamos el medio ambientge. >> se acerca la navidad y todos los quehacerse de la fiesta el árbol y más, consejos practicos para que consulte la fiesta ecologica. >> arbolito de navidad real o artificial? lo mejor es tener uno real y después reciclarlo, los árboles plasticos no pueden ser reciclado, cuándo vaya a escojer su regalo escocja uno que no sea tan brillante y una invitacion al cine, utilice platos reales y para la cena, si usa desechables entonc
Dec 18, 2012 5:00am EST
elemennary. two six-yeaa-olds jack pinto and oah pozner were lliidto rest... hose who attended noahhs funeral say his mother's words about her belovee llttle oy were poignant. "hee as very ood boy and when she told him 'i love you' hhssanswer as 'not as muchhas i ovv you.' and -3 that was his coostant ansser a dry eye when the mother passion, tremendous feeling -3 and i think everrone was touched." family and friends alsooremembered little jack pinto. a budding wrestler... mann of jack's friends arrived at his funeraa weaaing newtown -3 wrestling sweatshirts. he was an avid new york giantt fan. innffct, he was buried in a giants jersey. 'newtown is forever changed... we came today as a teammate, cuz that's who ww are, that's who neetown is riggt? we're here 3 studenns will return to school sandy hook elementary will -3 noo. truuks filled with sandy pook materials headed to a neighhoring town to reopen in a former middle school. materials, thh backpaccs hat phey left. whennthe children come in wheneeer the school has started they walk into a classroom that looks as close as possible as
Dec 17, 2012 6:30pm EST
no aya, y jack pint. familiares recordaron a ellos, en memoria de jack pinto, los amigos llenaron esta funeraria, algunos vistieron camisetas del equipo de lucha al que pertenecÍa y portaban medallas en hon ahoor la pasiÓn que pint nadie por los deportes, el dolor de la partida era tal que sus amigos se abrazaron con sus padress. los resto de ambos niÑos fueron trasladados a un cementerio local. >>> ana mÁrquez tambiÉn perdiÓ la vida en esta tragedia >>> sabemos que ana no sufriÓ, mÁs haya posiblemente de la impresiÓn. pensamos que asÍ se nos fue. >>> sus familiares dicen que ella estÁ en el cielo haciendo lo que mÁs le gustaba. >>> en estas imÁgenes la vemos cantando al lado de su hermano quien asiste la misma escuela y sobreviviÓ a esta tragedia >>> hoy su padres enviaron un comunicado donde dicen: >>> la maestra victoria soto o va de las vÍctimas es recordada como una heroÍna, ella escondiÓ a los nifrnls Ños de su clase e closet y fue un escudo humano. en una entrevista para el today show de nbc sus hermanos dicen que no les sorprendiÓ su valiente acciÓn. un
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